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Package Substation / Unit Substation

Compact / Unit substations are self - contained units available in different designs and dimensions.

Each unit comprises the following assemblies:-

• One hermetically sealed transformer.
• One metal clad SF6 / oil insulated ring main unit ( for package substation only)
• One metal clad low voltage distribution panel

Special Features :

• Metal clad housing with Alu zinc or hot dipped galvanized steel
• Lockable doors
• Powder coated finish
• Sand ingress ventilation louvers
• Lifting lugs
• Max. degree of protection - IP 54


• Hermetically sealed with corrugated fins or radiators
• Mineral Oil, Silicon fluid or Vegetable Oil

HV Switchgear

• SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit
• Oil insulated RMU
• Oil / SF6 Insulated load break switch
• Air or Vacuum insulated fused Load break switch

Note : Any one of the above can be offered.

LV Switchgear

• Incoming breaker or insulator up to 6000A
( motorized or manual )
• Outgoing breakers / Fuse switches.
• Computerized load monitoring relay
( on request )

• Instrument transformers and metering

Technical Parameters

kVA : Up to 3500
Phases : Three
HV rating : up to 34.5kV
LV rating : up to 1000V
BIL : up to 200kV
Vector group : Dyn 11 *
Frequency : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60Hz

* Other vector groups available on request

Transformer Standard accessories

HV bushings
LV bushings
Off circuit tap changer
Oil level indicator
Pressure relief device
Lifting lugs
Drain valve

Transformer Optional accessories

Thermometer with 2 contacts
Pressure relay
Winding Temperature indicator
DGPT-2 Relay
Pressure relief device with 2 contacts
Oil level indicator with 2 contacts