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Pad Mounted Transformers

Dead Front or Live Front / Loop Feed or Radial Feed

STC Pad mounted transformer is the best choice for commercial or industrial use which requires underground cabling system . The high voltage and low Voltage compartments are located side by side and separated by a rigid metal barrier. Each compartment has its own separate door and equipped with safety lock to prevent from tampering.

The transformers can be offered in dead front / live front, loop / radial feed configuration. The windings are generally made up of copper. However, Aluminum windings can be offered.

Technical Parameters

kVA : 75 to 2000 kVA
Phases : Three
HV rating : up to 13.8kV *
LV rating : up to 1000V *
BIL : up to 95kV
Vector group. : Dyn 11 *
Frequency :  50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60Hz
Other connections  are  available on request
Other ratings   are  available on request


Standard accessories

HV bushings
LV bushings
Off circuit tap changer
Oil level Indicator
Pressure relief device
Lifting lugs
Drain valve
Bay-O-Net fuses
Current limiting fuses

Optional accessories

Pressure relay
Winding Temperature indicator
Thermometer with 2 Contacts