Pole Mounted Type Transformers (IEC Specificaton)

Transformer Technical Data:

High Voltage:

Low Voltage:


Standard Accessories

Dial Type Thermometer

Oil Level Indicator

Pressure Relief Device

Drain Valve

Filling Socket

Thermometer w/2 contacts

Oil Level Gauge w/2 contacts

Over-pressure Relay

DGPT-2 Relay

Winding Temp. Indicator

Additional Accessories for Radiator Type

Bucholz Relay

Dehydrating Breather


Required Tests Required Tests

Routine Tests (as per IEC)

Temperature Rise Test

Noise Level

Impulse Test

Zero Sequence Test

Core Insulation Test

Oil Test

Breakdown Voltage Test

Moisture Content


Gas Analysis

Interfacial Tension (IFT)

Delivery Details

Additional Information

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