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HR Policy

The Saudi Transformers Company believes that it is the knowledge, expertise and proficiency of its people which will guide it to its success in the market. Therefore, to achieve its objectives, it is crucial to define how it treats its people.

Human resource function in the company ensures business success through motivated high-quality employees.
The HR management supports the organization by providing adequate policies, effective tools and systems and ensures their consistent and fair applications. 

It provides assistance, guidance and tools necessary to select, retain and develop adequately qualified employees. It drives and coaches for change throughout the organization. It supports a multicultural environment with employee diversity.

The following are the three basic pillars of HR policy employed by STC.

People Development
The success of STC is related to the quality of its people. It strives to attract, retain and develop the right people who display the right attitude in line with the company’s objectives

It organizes programs to develop the skills of all employees to create high levels of motivation and performance and to allow them to reach their full potential


STC has developed a policy of competitive and fair compensation. The Human Resources Department is entrusted with the task of regular market surveys in order to ensure company's competitive standing in the market with reference to compensation packages to employees. The company policy entails each line manager to openly communicate with each of his subordinates about his remuneration and suggest improvement wherever possible.

Safety And Health
Safety is of prime concern for STC. It is embedded in its philosophy of work. It provides extreme care for the safety and health of those who work for its business. It endeavors for the highest standards of safety and health performance by following carefully developed procedures on prevention, hazard awareness, continuous improvement and compliance.