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Pole Mounted Transformers

Pole Mounted Transformers are offered in hermetically sealed design. The tank is designed to accommodate expansion of oil during loading through the use of corrugated steel sheets. The cover is bolted to the tank body and proper gaskets are provided to avoid leakages. Welded tank is also available.

The windings are generally made up of copper. However, Aluminum windings can also be offered.

Standard accessories are provided whereas special accessories and gadgets can be provided upon request. Standard transformer complies with all relevant standards including IEC & SASO.

Technical Parameters

kVA : 50 to 500
Phases : Three
HV rating : up to 34.5kV
LV rating : up to 1000V
BIL : up to 200kV
Vector group : Dyn 11 *
Frequency : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60Hz

* Other vector groups available on request

Standard accessories

HV bushings
LV bushings
Oil level Indicator

Off circuit tap changer
Pressure relief device

Optional accessories

Thermometer with 2 contacts
Oil level indicator with 2 contacts
Terminal box
Over pressure relay
Thermometer pocket
Arcing horns
Pressure relief device with 2 Contacts