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President's message

Dear Visitor,

On behalf of the STC team, I welcome all visitors and valuable customers to the company's website.

In 2011, STC accomplished 29 years of its existence. From the outset, our aim was to become an excellent engineering, manufacturing and marketing enterprise with a prominent presence in the regional market. We have achieved this through integrity, competence, and objectivity.

The company has not grown overnight. It is the result of tireless efforts undertaken by the company and its people. We take pride in the company's strengths that have developed over time.
Throughout this period, STC diligently followed the following rules:

Ensure the interests of customers.
Our aim is not to provide our customers with a mere product, but rather with the most cost effective, quality products and solutions in the industry.

Partner with customers to understand and meet their needs.
We work as closely as possible with all of our customers. We encourage them to think beyond their current needs, and become our partner in looking for ways to improve the our products and services.

Satisfied Employees.
Our people are an integral part of our Company's culture and share in our vision and our ideals. We believe in enhancing the abilities of our employees and investing in them, so that they can deliver the best which eventually satisfy both the company and its customers.

STC has a vibrant history, an encouraging present and a promising future. We have the uphill task to maintain our position and further improve it. We believe that it can be achieved by infusing a spirit of challenge in ourselves which will motivate us to act with speed in fulfilling customers' needs.

As part of your regular visits to our website, I hope you will gain a better insight into our products, get a better sense of what we are, and feel our eagerness to constantly improve. I look forward to hearing your comments

Saud Abdul Aziz Al Shallali
Executive President