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SLIM® Transformer

STC’s SLIM® Transformers, using DuPont NOMEX® high temperature resistant insulation are especially made to answer the requirements of the transformers wherein installation space and safety is to be considered.

STC’s SLIM® transformer has a higher mechanical and dielectric strength due to the presence of high temperature resistant insulation SLIM® tramsformers are provided with high temperature fluid (silicon fluid or BIOTEMP)

Advantages of SLIM® Transformer:

The special insulation's high-temperature resistance improves the transformers reliability. Higher overload capacity gives longer life expectancy of the transformer. NOMEX® thermal protection in combination with BIOTEMP or SILICONE oil makes possible to achieve a compact dimension. Lower losses can also be achieved compared with conventional insulation.

The SLIM® transformer is suitable to be installed in areas where space and safety factor are to be considered as critical parameters.

Technical Parameters

kVA : 50 to 3500
Phases : Three
HV Rating : up to 34.5 kV
LV Rating : up to 1000V
BIL : up to 200 kV
Vector Group : Dyn 11*
Frequency : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60 Hz

* other vector groups available on request

Standard Accessories

HV bushings
LV bushings
Off circuit tap changer
Oil level Indicator
Pressure Relief Device
Lifting lugs
Drain valve
Earthing terminal

Optional Accessories

Thermometer with 2 contacts
Oil level Indicator with 2 contacts
Winding Temperature Indicator
Over pressure relay
Thermometer pocket
Pressure Relief Device with 2 Contacts
DGPT-2 Relay
Buchholz Relay