Pad Mounted Transformers


STC Pad mounted transformer is the best choice for commercial or industrial use which requires underground cabling system . The high voltage and low Voltage compartments are located side by side and separated by a rigid metal barrier. Each compartment has its own separate door and equipped with safety lock to prevent from tampering.

The transformers can be offered in dead front / live front, loop / radial feed configuration. The windings are generally made up of copper. However, Aluminum windings can be offered.

Technical Parameters

kVA : 75 to 2000 kVA
Phases : Three
HV rating : up to 13.8kV *
LV rating : up to 1000V *
BIL : up to 95kV
Vector group. : Dyn 11 *
Frequency : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60Hz
* Other connections are available on request
* Other ratings are available on request

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