The major electrical equipment such as Distribution Transformers deteriorate throughout its lifecycle. STC offers complete refurbishment of distribution transformers and package sub-stations up to a range of 3 MVA in its facility in Dammam.

A separate facility in the existing plant is dedicated for the refurbishment requirements from customers.

Under the refurbishment plan, the transformers undergo a series of steps which ensure that the refurbished equipment has an enhanced life.

Once the unit is delivered to the factory, it usually requires 4-6 weeks for the complete refurbishment cycle. This refurbishment does not include re-winding. The cases for rewinding are dealt on case to case basis.

Our major customers for refurbishment are "Saudi Electricity Company" (SEC) and "Saline Water Conversion Company" (SWCC).

For details please contact our Sales Offices / Agents / Representatives in your respective area.